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Georgetown County Probate Attorney

Protecting Your Rights and the Wishes of Your Loved Ones

Estate litigation may arise between a personal representative, a beneficiary, creditor or other third party with an interest in the estate. From assessment and distribution of property and in dealing with the rights of beneficiaries, disputes can be complicated. Jack M. Scoville Jr. represents individuals and families in estate litigation and through the probate process. He will take the time to assess your needs, determine an appropriate course of action to protect your rights and work toward an optimal resolution in your case.

Counsel, Support and Experienced Advocacy

Probate and estate litigation can be complicated and the final results of any case can have a significant impact on your rights as a fiduciary or a beneficiary. As your legal advocates, we will file necessary pleadings to admit a decedent's will into probate, prepare necessary documents and filings according to South Carolina law, prepare income and tax returns for the estate, and provide spouses and children during this transitional time.

Our Georgetown County probate lawyer is experienced in cases involving:

  • Beneficiary disputes
  • Probate litigation
  • Will contests
  • Estate litigation
  • Tax and disputes

Representation for Personal Representatives

Personal representatives may be held liable for any mistakes or delays that can impact the estate. Our probate and estate litigation attorney can assist you at every stage of document preparation and filing so that you can prevent liability and ensure the timely processing of a will. Understanding that the process can be time consuming and often frustrating, our priority is to streamline the process, minimize complications and help you obtain the best possible outcome in your case.

Call 843-461-3010 or contact our office by e-mail for an initial consultation or case evaluation. We are dedicated to protecting the rights of our clients and will help you achieve the best possible resolution in your legal matter. Our Georgetown estate litigation lawyer is dedicated to every client and every case.

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Jack M. Scoville, Jr, Attorney at Law, P.A.
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Georgetown, SC 29442
Phone: 843-461-3010
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